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A modern-day rejuvenator, collagen is renowned for its ability to repair nature's blemishes and act as a treatment for body and mind.

An alchemy of beauty and goodness, this miraculous protein is reinventing itself and becoming a veritable art of living.

Aware of this richness and nourished by the know-how that surrounds it, Amandine Fornot, who initiated the project, has taken up the challenge of building her own environment for it; a unique space to bring us together around its benefits. Established at number 48 rue La Fayette, this collagen Café, the first of its kind, will open its doors before summer.


75009 PARIS

café 48...
desires & reasons

to act   

Naturally present in the body, collagen ensures the suppleness, resistance and hydration of our bodily structures. Less present in our bodies over time, its quality also deteriorates under the effects of smoking, stress, sun exposure and pollution.
As the new ransom of beauty, in & out, Café 4
8 has naturally established itself as the new must-visit address, where eating and drinking become synonymous with pleasure and (almost) unthinkable resistance to time. A unique, cross-disciplinary meeting place, between well-being and beauty, the Café is a complete sensory experience.

Under the banner of number 48, its graphic concept by Jenna Gil (Creative Director of Revolvr) and her team, combines a feeling of authenticity and modernity, at once reassuring and innovative.

a showcase

of avant garde  

Encapsulated by the avant-garde vision of interior designer

Pauline Leprince, the space - formerly a 19th-century print shop - superimposes antique woodcuts with the ultra-modern curves of brushed aluminum and textured glass.

A futuristic vessel inspired by the spirit and functional style of the Bauhaus movement, the building also radiates also shines from the outside, thanks

to its period storefront in the vibrant colors of Le Corbusier.

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75009 PARIS

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